betting block

Betting block at Russian Gaming Week: what will participants discuss?

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In a week, on June 7-8, Moscow will host the main bookmaking event of the year – 11th exhibition and conference Russian Gaming Week. A separate betting block of reports will be dedicated to bookmaking with the respect to the new legislation and preparation to the football World Cup 2018. Among the speakers are lawyers, betting shop managers and advertising …

Hazard of Fraud

CASEXE on the Hazard of Fraud and how to combat fraudsters

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CASEXE is eager to share important information for its customers on the hazard of fraud and how to avoid becoming a victim of fraudsters and to resist the cheating on their resources. Why is there a dangerous risk of fraud in IT sphere? First of all, because not only gambling houses are on the line, but also their visitors. Cheaters …

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Russian Gaming Week starts

Russian Gaming Week starts in Moscow in a week

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Russian Gaming Week: reload. What have organizers prepared this year? Russian Gaming Week starts in Moscow in a week. It is the largest event in Russia dedicated to the gambling industry. A Two-day program includes several specialized sections, exhibition, open lectures, workshops and discussions. Russian Gaming Week starts in a week to bring the annual meeting of the industry representatives, …

Leonid Paramonov

Leonid Paramonov at the Russian Gaming Week 2017

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Leonid Paramonov, Director of Corporate Sales Department at the satellite television provider NTV-Plus, will make a presentation at the Russian Gaming Week 2017 conference in Moscow on June 7-8. The subject of the Leonid Paramonov’s presentation: Prospects for the development of modern TV in betting business. The first satellite television provider in Russia NTV-Plus follows trends and introduces innovations to …