Link King

Link King can now be played at Bingo Golden Jack in Quilmes

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Link King, Zitro’s flagship product of the Bryke video slots range that is triumphing in casinos around the world, is now available for players at the prestigious Bingo Golden Jack hall in Quilmes, Argentina, and soon to be in the Bingo Hall of the same company group in Solano. Jessica Cavanna, Marketing Manager of Bingo Golden Jack is very satisfied …


Zitro’s LINK KING arrives in Spain

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Zitro, under its video slots brand BRYKE, brings to Spain the flagship product that is triumphing worldwide: LINK KING, a completely original and different type of game compared to anything currently in Spain. LINK KING is a multigame that offers incredible new features: 4 spectacular levels of progressive jackpots that are frequently granted through the bonus game, increasing the chances …

Source: Zitro