sports betting platform in Kenya

Dafabet launched sports betting platform in Kenya

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Dafabet launched sports betting platform in Kenya which is expected to be an important milestone for the company’s global expansion. Louis Watts, Director of Retail and Regional operations, said: Since Dafabet launched sports betting platform in Kenya, Dafabet will be providing its Kenyan customers with the chance to set bets on more than 30 international sports through SMS, Mobile and …

SpiffX and Cheza Gaming

SpiffX and Cheza Gaming team up

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Swedish mobile sports betting firm SpiffX and Cheza Gaming, Kenyan brand teamed up in order to leverage the booming mobile-based sports betting business in Kenya. Due to the fact that SpiffX and Cheza Gaming team up, SpiffX will be able to enter Kenyan market. SpiffX’s co-founder and sales manager, Lennart Gillberg, said in a press statement this week that the …

Gambling machines in Kenya

Gambling machines in Kenya to be investigated

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Members of Parliament from Kisumu County asked the national governement to investigate gambling machines in Kenya. According to  Kisumu County politicians many coin operated gambling machines in Kenya are brought to the country illegally by foreigners who pretend to be tourists. The politicians want the government to check slot machines to stop illegal activity in the country. Two MPs from …

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BtoBet deals with Plutonbet

Kenya: Afrobet deals with BtoBet to launch Tucheze

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Promising gambling company of Kenya, Afrobet deals with BtoBet to launch its Tucheze brand. AfroBet’s COO, Jeff Mugo, commenting on his partnerning with Btobet says: Apart from the fact that Afrobet deals with BtoBet, Afrobet – Tucheze is also looking to launch in the markets in the short term. In the nearedt future they are planning to go live in …

South Africa reviews national gambling policy

South African casinos invest in technology

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According to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)’s report, most popular South African Casinos invest in technology and have adopted a number of innovations and technological improvements – all to please their players. 38 out of 40 casinos licensed in South Africa have already expanded and upgraded their digital technology. PwC analysis revealed that the gambling industry in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria is …

Arsenal partners SportPesa

Arsenal partners SportPesa in Kenya

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A popular Football Club – Arsenal partners SportPesa and becomes its Official Betting Partner in Kenya. The deal between Arsenal and SportPesa will be a long-term partnership which aims to help SportPesa grow their business in Kenya – a country, where the company is already sponsoring the SportPesa Premier League, SportPesa Super 8 League and grassroots football. The fact that …

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Gambling machines in Kenya

Kenyan gambling and sports betting in bloom

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Kenyan gambling and sports betting industry has attracted a lot of attention recently. Gambling industry in Kenya has been established in 1969 and since then it has greatly contributed to the development of the country. Gross revenues from gambling are believed to be in the region of Sh3B and it is expected that the industry will be continuously growing in …

South African gambling revenues increas

South African gambling revenues increase

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South African gambling revenues increased in 2014 in spite of challenging and decreasing economies. In addition to South African gambling revenues’ improvement during the last year, the region announced their second biggest annual increase over the past five years. South African casinos took the largest share of this growth by increasing 4.5% in year 2014. South African gambling revenues grew …