Google assessing prospects of venturing into Gaming

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Reports circling around suggest that Alphabet’s Google may just have been enticed by the success stories of online casinos such as as it is now considering venturing into gaming with its own in-house video gaming studio. Gaming giant Kotaku released a report which states that tech giant Alphabet is assessing the prospects of venturing into gaming. According to Kotaku, …

Scientific Games partners with Apigee

Scientific Games partners with Apigee, a subsidiary of Google

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Scientific Games partners with Apigee, a subsidiary of Google, to use its full lifecycle application programming interface management platform, as part of the Company’s collection of casino management technology solutions for the gaming market. As Scientific Games partners with Apigee, Scientific Games will be able to deploy Apigee API management software in its suite of casino and slot management systems …

Real-money gambling apps

Real-money gambling apps available on Play Store in UK, Ireland and France

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Google confirmed that real-money gambling apps will be available on Play Sore in the UK, Ireland and France. All the real-money gambling apps will need to go through a strict application process if they are to be allowed on the store. The apps will have to meet certain requirements listed on the content policy page. First of all, the company …

South Australia's new betting tax

Australia blocks gambling sites

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Despite the fact that Australia blocks gambling sites offering their services to Australian players, many online gambling companies claim it is impossible to stop all websites from bringing their games to Australians. The wagering review chairman Barry O’Farrell was informed by Twitter, Facebook and Google that it there is no chance to block offshore gambling websites and the government should …