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KamaGames Release The KamaGames Token

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The largest European social mobile poker operator, KamaGames, announced its entry into the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency landscape with the launch of its own KamaGames Token (KGT). Working in a similar method to other tokens, the KamaGames Token will use existing Blockchain technology and the Ethereum cryptocurrency platform. KamaGames Tokens will be available as a collection of in-game chips sold in …

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SmartBox: the First Blockchain Gambling Machine with Unlimited Bonuses Announced

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Cutting-edge technology and the internet of things have made the ideals in this generation possible. Thrilling fun has been escalated and global connections are no longer a fantasy. The endless ways and infinite horizons have set a pace and standards that industries have to adhere to. Technology has been braced as the greatest hope of this generation, and with this, …