Riga Gaming Congress

Riga Gaming Congress: activities of Latvia’s first gambling congress

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On October 12, Bellevue Park Hotel Riga will host Latvia’s first international congress dedicated to innovative sectors of the gambling industry. It is Riga Gaming Congress that will make your business successful: marketing strategies, legal actions and useful contacts. The event will include the conference with relevant presentations from world-class experts and the demo zone, presenting the most interesting casino …

Eric Benz

RGW speaker – Eric Benz on bitcoin payments and bitcoin debit cards

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RGW speaker, Cryptopay representative Eric Benz is going to talk about bitcoin payments and bitcoin debit cards. What are the advantages of working with cryptocurrencies? What are bitcoin debit cards? Eric Benz, managing director at Cryptopay (London, Great Britain), will tell us about it. Eric Benz dedicated more than 10 years to Fintech. Thanks to his efforts, large payment services …

Bitcoin Conference Prague 2016

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague 2016 – two weeks left!

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Two weeks left before the start of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague 2016! In as little as two weeks, on 19 May, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague 2016 will be held – the event for bitcoin and blockchain enthusiasts from Europe and the rest of the world. We invite everyone who is interested in the development of blockchain technologies, smart …