Isle of Man bitcoin

Isle of Man goes beyond just regulation

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Recently, Isle of Man has followed the s decision and made a change in its gambling regulation. Today the territory sees bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies as an equivalent to any other cash. This means that the casinos and various gambling operators regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC) are now able to accept deposits in bitcoins, litecoins …

Brexit and lottery market

Richard Clarke on Brexit and lottery market

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Following the Brexit referendum forming more uncertainty about global economic growth, and after an already sluggish global economic recovery since 2008, Brexit and lottery market are appearing together in many igaming industry analyses. After Brexit, more and more consumers are expected to turn to lottery products in order to improve their current financial situation. This issue, combined with the fact …

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Brexit affecting gambling market

How is Brexit affecting gambling market?

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Last week’s surprising decision of UK voters to leave the European Union can be easily followed by a question: How is Brexit affecting gambling market? The most important and interesting issue here might be the future of Gibraltar, one of the most popular gambling jurisdictions. The area has become popular over the last decade but it has a status of …