Crypto EXPO Moscow

CRYPTO EXPO MOSCOW goes live in May 2018

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Mysterious world of blockchain and bitcoins is opening its doors for the visitors as Crypto EXPO Moscow goes live on May 22, 2018. One more outstanding show organized by FINEXPO is going to take place and promises to become an absolute success as crypto world extremely gained its popularity in Russia lately. Crypto EXPO Moscow is planning to welcome about …


Geneva to host major conference on cryptocurrencies, blockchain and ICOs

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On February 21, 2018, Geneva (Switzerland) will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Switzerland for the first time. The event is dedicated to blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs – cryptocurrency crowdsales. The conference will focus on crypto economy features, blockchain investments, data protection using cryptography and relevant mining issues. The special attention will be given to ICOs, initial coin offering, revealed in …


Blockchain in Cyprus: active steps towards a new economy

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For many years, Cyprus has been the Europe financial center due to the advantageous geographical location and beneficial taxing system with no double taxation. The country has never lacked talents: several educational establishments graduate specialists in economy and finance. In 2013, the country suffered a debt crisis that paralyzed the Central Bank. In addition, the taxation on bank deposits was …

Bitcoin Conference Malta

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta to involve senior government officials

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Malta is to host blockchain conference for entrepreneurs, startups and investors. The first Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta to be held in St. Julian’s. December 7, St. Julian’s will host the event for all those interested in blockchain and cryptocurrencies in terms of business – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Malta. Its participants include entrepreneurs, investors, consultants and IT specialists working …

Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi

ICO, Banking, Energy, Healthcare, Retail and E-Gov – Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi

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ICO, Banking, Energy, Healthcare, Retail and E-Gov are to be Discussed at Blockchain Conference Abu Dhabi. The blockchain industry has been developing more rapidly than the boldest forecasts predicted. Having become an integral part of the financial and banking spheres, it has already occupying its niche in medicine, insurance, document circulation, energy, retail and other economy spheres. Today, the blockchain …

conference on cryptocurrency

Stockholm will host the first large conference on cryptocurrency and blockchain

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On September 7, for the first time, the Swedish capital will host a large conference on cryptocurrency dedicated to blockchain technology and cryptocurrency – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Stockholm. The Stockholm conference on cryptocurrency and blockchain is a part of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference, which is the first and the largest network of crypto conferences in Europe. Organizer is Smile-Expo …

Eric Benz

RGW speaker – Eric Benz on bitcoin payments and bitcoin debit cards

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RGW speaker, Cryptopay representative Eric Benz is going to talk about bitcoin payments and bitcoin debit cards. What are the advantages of working with cryptocurrencies? What are bitcoin debit cards? Eric Benz, managing director at Cryptopay (London, Great Britain), will tell us about it. Eric Benz dedicated more than 10 years to Fintech. Thanks to his efforts, large payment services …

St. Petersburg Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Saint Petersburg – June 22

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Saint Petersburg will hold a large-scale blockchain event following Moscow, Prague, and Tallin. On June 22, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Saint Petersburg will be organised. One of the main topics there will be blockchain in the banking sector and legislative regulation of digital currencies. The event is a part of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference network – the first and largest …