Tallinn hosted the largest blockchain conference in the Baltic states

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On March 9, Tallinn hosted a large-scale conference dedicated to blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency development – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn. The event became the largest platform for blockchain entrepreneurs and developers in the Baltic states. The conference was attended by 250 people from 20 countries. Event organizer is Smile-Expo, the company that holds blockchain conferences in Russia, Ukraine and …


Case studies from e-Residency, LHV, and IBM: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn

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Case studies from e-Residency, LHV, and IBM. Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn program is already available. On March 9, Tallinn will host the first Estonian large-scale conference dedicated to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference. It will bring together representatives of IBM, e-Residency, Bitcoin Foundation, Funderbeam, and other projects well-known in Estonia and abroad. According to Smile-Expo, …

Jüri Laur

Jüri Laur to speak at blockchain conference in Tallinn

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Founder of Skype and LHV payment solutions, Jüri Laur will speak at blockchain conference in Tallinn. On March 9, 2017, Tallinn will host the biggest Estonian blockchain conference, bringing together banking sector representatives. They will share their experience of implementing the blockchain technology and will discuss benefits of decentralized services. A key speaker on this topic will be Jüri Laur, a …


5 blockchain applications in Fintech. IBM leading engineer at Tallinn conference

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Wide blockchain application is leading to establishing new business models that will be used not only by corporations but also by small market players. Karolina Marzantowicz, a leading engineer of Polish IBM office, is convinced of this fact.  On March 9, 2017, she will present company’s opinion regarding the future of blockchain technologies at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn.  Karolina Marzantowicz is …

Kaspar Korjus

Kaspar Korjus at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn

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Estonia, well-known by its electronic legal nationality project, is light years away from other countries in digitalization and business convenience area. Well, e-Residency project allows everyone anywhere on the planet to register a company, pay taxes and conduct document management in Estonia. On March 9 at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Tallinn, Kaspar Korjus, e-Residency Managing Director, will tell about operating …