Maxim Krupyshev

RGW: report by bitcoin enthusiast Maxim Krupyshev

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Where do bitcoins come from and why are they so beneficial in gaming. Report by bitcoin enthusiast Maxim Krupyshev. Why bitcoin is so advantageous in gaming and what risks associated with its use are not being mentioned in press releases? Maxim Krupyshev, one of the founders of the Cubits processing platform, will speak about the concept of cryptocurrencies and technical …

Eric Benz

RGW speaker – Eric Benz on bitcoin payments and bitcoin debit cards

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RGW speaker, Cryptopay representative Eric Benz is going to talk about bitcoin payments and bitcoin debit cards. What are the advantages of working with cryptocurrencies? What are bitcoin debit cards? Eric Benz, managing director at Cryptopay (London, Great Britain), will tell us about it. Eric Benz dedicated more than 10 years to Fintech. Thanks to his efforts, large payment services …

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Saint Petersburg

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Saint Petersburg – June 22

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Saint Petersburg will hold a large-scale blockchain event following Moscow, Prague, and Tallin. On June 22, Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Saint Petersburg will be organised. One of the main topics there will be blockchain in the banking sector and legislative regulation of digital currencies. The event is a part of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference network – the first and largest …

blockchain developments

Prague to host exhibition of blockchain developments and mining hardware

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On May 19, the capital of the Czech Republic will host an exhibition of software and hardware for the crypto industry. The event is organized as part of Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague, the conference dedicated to the cryptocurrencies and blockchain developments. Organizer of the event is Smile-Expo. Its team carries out specialized events for the Bitcoin industry in the …

Ugo Bechis

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague: Ugo Bechis to talk about blockchain opportunities in the EU payments space

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An independent financial expert Ugo Bechis (Milan, Italy) will make a presentation at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague on May 19. He will talk about the prospects and practical application of blockchain in the banking ecosystem of the European Union. Ugo Bechis is an independent e-Payments & SEPS Advisor. The range of his longstanding researches include Banking, Trading On-line, Corporate …

Recent updates from the upcoming Prague Gaming Summit 2017

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The organizers of Prague Gaming Summit have released some new press release about the new developments of the upcoming inaugural event. EEGEvents is planning to improve the experience delegates receive during seminar type events, thus will soon reveal some of the unique networking opportunities they are planning for the event. As you may know, the seminar type conference will take …


Bitcoins accepted in Switzerland

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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and an electronic payment system, very popular payment method in online casinos. This virtual currency usually has some problems in entering the country market, not knowing if the banking license is necessary, but the totally opposite situation had a place in Switzerland for Xapo, one of the most popular bitcoin wallets. Xapo has recently announced that …

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Bitcoin Conference Prague

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague – the largest conference devoted to cryptocurrencies and blockchain

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On May 19, the capital of the Czech Republic will host Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Prague – the event dedicated to the development of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Guests will meet supporters of a decentralized economy, successful blockchain developers and entrepreneurs and enjoy the exhibition of equipment for the industry. Prague is one of the most important bitcoin centers in Europe. …