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Where have the casino chips come from and why do people use them?

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Casino chips are one of the greatest inventions in the history of the gambling industry. Thanks to this discovery, the calculation process in gambling houses has become much simpler. Casino tokens are actively used in card table games, in particular, poker.

What is a chip in a casino?

Chip is called a conditional currency in a casino, which has a disc shape. In simple words, it is a great alternative to real money, but more compact and practical to use. Each chip in a casino has its own color, depending on the nominal value assigned to it.

The history of the appearance of chips

It is rather difficult to tell the exact date of the invention of the chips. It is explained by the fact that gambling appeared a long time ago and was popular at all the times. Therefore, the first casino chips had a completely different composition and were made from other materials.

The familiar modern version of the chip appeared in the early 19th century, when board card games began to be especially popular (especially poker). Interest to this intellectual card game from the side of gambling users has been constantly increasing. Therefore, the most convenient and practical method was needed to calculate the winnings and losses of players. In the days when gamblers did not have the same monetary currency (during the gold rush, various precious metals, bars and valuables were put on the line at all), it was extremely important to create unified tokens.

Also, one of the important reasons why poker chips appeared was the caution of players who did not want to bring large sums of money to the casino. During the absence of an appropriate security system, sitting at a table in a circle of drunken thugs, players simply feared for their lives. To reduce the risk of unpleasant situations and to guarantee the visitor a safe game, the casino introduced chips.

What were the first tokens in the casino?

When tokens just appeared, there was no such high demand for plastic as nowadays. Then, to create chips, alternative options in the form of natural materials were used: stones, wood, bones, etc.

The beginning of the 19th century

In the period of prosperity of the gambling business, large clay tokens were highly popular. Over time, poker players began to use thick paper and even ivory to make casino chips. At that time, a variety of gambling chips was equivalent, for example, to the number of coins in different countries of the world.

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source: TrueWestMagazine

Ceramic poker chips have become a real discovery for all thrill-seekers. The most prestigious companies of that time were engaged in the production of this product for many years. The production of poker chips from ceramics ceased in 1930.


During this decade the first plastic tokens were made. Chips made from this material attracted an affordable price, great variety, durability and strength.

In the process of promoting poker tokens on the market, fraudsters began to fake original chips. This situation prompted developers to embed the first security elements into the chips. For example, special engraving and embossing.

Crest & Seal ─ poker tokens, which for a long time occupied a leading position in the gambling market. Designed by renowned company U.S. Playing Card co., Chips were issued until 1985, until plastic chips came into circulation. The main distinguishing feature of Crest & Seal was a round lithograph with clay edging. In addition, poker chips had a unique coating that resembled a classic gloss varnish.

Casino Nominal Chips by Colors

Chip denominations in both land and virtual casinos are indicated in a specific color. This is the world standard in the gambling business.

“How much does a casino chip cost?” ─ one of the most common questions among novice gamblers. We bring to your attention the international nomenclature of chips in gambling institutions:

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The token with the highest nominal value of $ 10,000,000 is used in one of the most prestigious casinos in Las Vegas, USA, – Aladdin.

Why do people use chips and why is it necessary?

Such a system is aimed at simplifying the work and interaction of all members of the gambling community. This applies to both the staff of a gambling company and its immediate customers.

A common practice is to paint gambling tables in a casino in the same color as a chip. This is done in order to immediately show the gamblers the minimum rate limit at this table. Thanks to this decision, experienced players at a glance understand whether they should approach this or that table.

Sophisticated color spectrum of the chips at the casino assists dealers, cashiers, support staff and security in monitoring visitor rates through cameras that are located around the entire perimeter of the gaming halls.

Today, gambling users are increasingly choosing to play the game online, which implies the absence of chips. Despite this, there are still pros who will never miss the opportunity to weight their hands with a clay token to throw them in the middle of the playing table.

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