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PokerStars Launches VR Player Experience

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PokerStars, the popular online poker network announced the beta launch of its VR player experience at the 2018 EGX this week. This provides players with yet another major improvement in the online casino entertainment experience, vastly surpassing that delivered by any poker offering to date. PokerStars VR promises an unmatched level of gaming ambiance and player involvement via the latest innovations in super immersive VR technology, delivering in many ways a better than lifelike gaming experience to further expand on the established high-quality live dealer offerings delivered via conventional 2D PC monitors.

For current closed beta testing purposes, PokerStars only opened the game to 100 players in a free-to-play environment via its dedicated VR app, with app introduced by means of Steam the world’s largest dedicated games network server. The PokerStars VR network will initially only be accessible via compatible high-end computer hardware platforms or powerful desktops sporting exceptionally powerful GPUs capable of running either the high-end Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR headsets. Premier betting sites such as Nostrabet play an important role for punters who are searching for honest bookmaker reviews, bookmaker bonuses and betting tips. With the use of VR, punter will, over time, be able to visit each venue and gain a different perspective by fully immersing themselves in the VR experience.

For the duration of its initial test runs the PokerStars VR beta offering limits its number of virtual reality poker rooms to just five, a Wild West Saloon, a yacht, 2050 Macau suite, and a completely blacked-out room. Players have the option of customising their personal avatars, ordering a virtual drink and cigar, as well as a couple of donkeys for good measure.

Severin Rasset, Director of Operations and Innovations at PokerStars, commented on the launch of their new product saying PokerStars VR presents them with an opportunity to use the amazing technology to offer a totally new and unique experience to poker players. The game of poker is all about interaction and has brought people together for more than a century. They were genuinely excited to receive this opportunity to invest in the next evolution of the great game to provide poker players with the opportunity to continue meeting in their brand-new virtual reality dimension.

James O’Reilly, spokesperson for PokerStars, weighed in by adding PokerStars VR introduces social elements as well as the use of behavioural intelligence, both foundations of the real live game, combining these with the speed of play and accessibility offered by online poker. PokerStars revealed no final release date for general public consumption at the time of its beta launch.

The incredible levels of immersion offered by PokerStars VR promises players the most authentic poker experience. In addition, Poker players will experience virtually everything normally associated with the game, but in addition, receive constant and immediate access to a vast range of statistics regarding each of the other players. Game and opposing player statistics, observations of player betting habits, it’s all now made possible with only a lack of imagination setting any real limitations on upcoming possibilities.

In the virtual world, the usual expected behaviours can be thrown out the door. At least if someone upsets you at the table, you can toss your drink over his head or throw food at him! In other words, it will be all you expect and just maybe a whole lot more fun you may not have expected.

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