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KamaGames added Social Casino Portfolio to Huawei App Gallery

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The largest European social mobile poker operator, KamaGames announced the release of its popular Social Casino Portfolio onto the Huawei App Gallery platform.

Pokerist, Blackjackist and Roulettist are the first ever social casino games published on the Huawei App Gallery which is a standalone app store exclusive to the company’s devices.

Andrey Kuznetsov, KamaGames’ CEO, said:

“This is a great opportunity for both KamaGames and Huawei and we are thrilled with the partnership. KamaGames is the number one social casino developer in Europe with over 100 million users. We’ve gone from strength to strength this year, unveiling new products, expanding our user-base and finding new ways to bring our games to a wider audience. Huawei smartphone sales reached 153 million devices in 2017, 20% year on year growth, and the company has an impressive 11% market share. We are confident that 2018 will see both company’s goals becoming a reality as Huawei aims to reach over 50 million European customers and KamaGames continues to bring market leading social casino games to the world’s most popular platforms”.

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About KamaGames

KamaGames is the largest European social mobile poker operator, with over 530,000 daily active users. Established in 2010 and employing over 250 staff, KamaGames has its corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ireland as well as offices in London and Dubai.

The award winning operator’s flagship title, Pokerist, has been the #1 grossing app in 101 countries on the App Store and one of the top 5 grossing apps in 45 countries on Google Play.

In 2017, KamaGames’ gross revenue increased by 63.4% year on year to $57.5 million compared to $35.2 million in 2016. The number of daily active users grew by 36% with the average revenue per paying user growing by 30% in the same period. Q1 2018 has already seen revenues increase by 47.9% compared to Q1 2017.

As a leading operator in the social casino industry, KamaGames are constantly monitoring new trends and technologies and as a result, have recently launched the KamaGames Token. Based on blockchain technology and the Ethereum platform, KamaGames Tokens are design to give players the best possible return on their in game currency purchases as well as guaranteed bonus chips every day.

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