European Gaming Congress 2018 Ljubljana announces IMGL MasterClass™

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The organizers of the inaugural European Gaming Congress are honoured to announce a special IMGL MasterClass™ which will focus on delivering vital information for gambling operators who are facing more and more concerns when it comes to advertising their brands in regulated markets.

The special panel discussion will give important insights on the do’s and don’ts, which will shape the industry’s future when it comes to brand advertising and commercials.

The “IMGL MasterClass™ – Advertising for gambling – a new minefield for operators” panel discussion will be held during European Gaming Congress Ljubljana, which takes places on the 16th of October at Union Grand Hotel Ljubljana. Tickets are available at a discounted rate until the beginning of October and are limited to 100 seats. Please follow this link and reserve your seat!

The IMGL MasterClass™ in Ljubljana is specially designed and reflects the recent regulatory updates across some important European jurisdictions, such as Italy and the UK.

As it reported across multiple industry media outlets, this August, the Italian government has published its Dignity Decree, the official law that bans all forms of gambling advertisements, in the country’s Official Gazette. This is a mandatory requirement after its successful passage in the government. The gambling-related matters in the decree is mostly related to advertising, the distribution of slot machines around the country, and measures for reducing gambling addiction among Italian consumers of both land-based and online gambling products.

According to industry stakeholders, the new regime would not help Italy reduce the number of gambling addicts and people with problem gambling behaviour, but would rather have a counterproductive effect that would result in the growth of the black market.

Such is the case in the UK as well, where the UK’s Gambling Commission has also released a new set of updated rules regarding advertising, which are more stringent and tougher than the older set of rules. The new rules are set to come into effect from October 31 this year. The new rules empower the commission to sanction operators who break advertising rules and even impose fines.

Gambling companies will also face action for advertising failings by third-party affiliates, while the commission can also punish operators that send “spam” marketing emails or texts.

The IMGL Masterclass will focus on bringing the latest information about responsibility as well as liability for different advertising channels. The panel discussion is highly awaited and it is a must-attend for operators. Given the fact that for example, operators were fined for advertising conducted by their affiliates, great caution is required. The total ban by Italy bears the risk to set an example for other jurisdictions. What are the solutions that can be found in the gambling industry to avoid high risks and excessive restrictions on advertising? Make sure you attend this MasterClass in Ljubljana.

You can view the full agenda on the following link.

Already confirmed speakers of the panel are Quirino Mancini (Tonucci & Partners) and Chris Elliott (Wiggin). The panel will be moderated by Dr Joerg Hofmann (MELCHERS Law).

Make sure you register your seat in time to benefit of the great lineup of speakers that will share their knowledge for operators and industry connected companies about France, Spain, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Netherlands and Belgium.

The inaugural edition of European Gaming Congress which will be held on the 16th of October at the Grand Union Hotel in Ljubljana and will bring together industry experts from all over Europe and create a platform which will enable both networking and learning at the highest quality.

Full detail about the event can be found on the official website of the event:

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About the IMGL MasterClass™

The IMGL Masterclass is a conference format offered by the IMGL at international gaming events, including trade shows and conferences organized by others. IMGL provides the content and the expertise of our esteemed members and invited panellists – who share their knowledge with participants of the conference, network with each other, and enter into discussions on how to shape the future of gaming law on an international scale.

The IMGL Masterclass panellists include gaming experts — regulators, attorneys, industry executives, and educators — providing guidance regarding evolving issues in the gaming industry that are of interest to legislators, regulators, and others in the industry. Effectively, the IMGL Masterclass provides a platform beyond the yearly IMGL conferences for bringing together leading experts in the industry, legal advisers, and regulators in our global network.

IMGL Masterclasses stand for high-level discussions and interchange among experts. They strive to present only the best quality speakers and moderators — and the most up-to-date and relevant content in the IMGL Masterclass panels.

More details about IMGL can be found on the following website:

About the organizer, European Gaming Media and Events (formerly EEGMedia/EEGEvents)

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The event destinations in 2019 will include a further expansion of the company in their quest to enter the Western European region and bring their expertise to produce local gaming events.

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