Top 7 Online Casino Industry Trends for 2018

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Has the whole casino gaming world gone online? Well, if not, it probably will in 2018. At least, when it comes to the most of the available games and their popularity. The industry of internet entertainment is becoming bigger every day not only in the sense of profit but the number of players. For instance, some researches show that nearly the third of all people in Europe adores iGaming. These, when combined with upcoming events in the gaming world, are just some of the signs that 2018 will be a significant year for the gaming community.

Leading software development companies will have their product and marketing focus on a couple of trends we can expect to see, especially when it comes to online casino games and their loyal followers.

Live Games

For the past two years, this part of the gaming industry has grown so much that people either play or observe others playing online. This kind of information is important for internet casinos since their portfolios include many products with live dealers. Starting from simple slot machines, over the poker, blackjack and roulette games, there is almost no gambling house that does not offer some form of live gaming. As you can, for instance, see in the 1x Slots Casino Review, the number of this type of online models is increasing every day, offering several benefits:

• Higher quality in technical characteristics;
• real-life experience;
• transparent rules;
• potentially larger money rewards.

Virtual Reality Games

This year will probably bring up the best in Virtual casino gaming. So far, the equipment has not been so affordable. However, companies are struggling to make this type of the pastime more accessible to casino bettors. The number of games offering the Virtual reality experience is enlarging, and the gear and headsets costs are dropping. Great software developers in collaboration with major brands like Google, Sony, Samsung, are bringing the VR into a casino world making it possible for players to get real life experience on a higher level from the comfort of their home. All the predictions are on the VRr side to become one of the leading casino trends in 2018.

More Titles to Come

Nowadays you can compete against other bettors, take part in tournaments leading small gaming wars on Facebook, Twitter, and even Messengers. The games are becoming more accessible, and that is the growing Gamification trend in 2018.

Mobile Majesty

This trend is tightly connected to the previous one. 2018 will bring numerous variants of slot machines and other online casino games adapted for the mobile version. The competition will grow strong here, having some of the leading companies creating some of their most popular pieces for tablets and smartphones. The advantages of mobile-friendly products are more than clear. You can play on the go on your Smartphone or portable device, with the same graphic and sound quality, and, what is more important, with the same available game features like on the PC.

Casino Skill Becomes Real

So, basically, this year will bring more thinking rather than just playing free online casino games. This means that probability and strategies will have more influence on the outcome of the game session. The game becomes more than just fun – it becomes a challenge, thinking path towards success. Of course, this does not mean that all future bettors will have to be scientists, but only that the fun will be combined with thinking and light tactics.

2018 Brings More Games on the Market

The improvements from 2017 are continuing to the new year plans. Best game manufacturers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil and many others are releasing new, fresh pieces, almost daily. They are not only new but have original themes, unique scenarios and often, very valuable licenses. This year brings some innovations regarding the way pieces are presented. So far, for instance, the slot based on a famous movie was enough. Well, from now on, it will not be only based on a movie, but often contain small videos and clips players could activate when winning. It is all about the small satisfactions manufacturers want to provide for their customers.

2018 and More Bonuses

New solutions for the old paths are another trend to come in 2018. Expect redesigned concept of casino bonuses with better wagering requirements and better conditions especially for the new players.

In the end, remember, the trend is in the brand, so stick to your favorite, but explore all the things 2018 has to offer.

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