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For some, the casino experience is so exciting and tempting that they get involved in it so deeply to the point of losing control over their purse. Both class of players, “deep-pocketed big-ticket players” and “shallow-pocketed small-scale players” are equally affected by this excitement, habitually crossing their affordable budget limits. This happens mainly because players are often unaware of the money they have already spent amid their excitement. Their state of mind can be compared with that of speeding enthusiasts.

The thrill and excitement that casinos provide are somewhat like the one driving enthusiasts get out of speeding. The faster they go, the bigger the thrill. They rarely care about safe speeding limits as they lose control over their senses amid their excitement, which can be deadly at times. Thanks to speed trackers and automatic warning systems, drivers are forced to regain their senses when they approach or cross specific speeds. A similar warning system can be useful in casinos, too.

Cunard Queen Elizabeth Casino

Cunard Queen Elizabeth Casino” by Gary Bembridge, CC BY 2.0

The facility for setting a budget limit at casinos, both online and offline, at the start as well as automated alerts when the spending nears the set limit will help players reverse any involuntary trends seen in poker and other gaming. Limit-setting helps players to decide on a spending limit in advance. And once the limit is set, their spending is consistently monitored by automated systems, which then will give out warnings to players when they reach their spending limit, thereby reducing the chances of overspending. There are many benefits for the stakeholders involved.

The first stakeholder is the players. Limit-setting helps players to have better control over their budget and prevents them from “going bankrupt” or suddenly losing it all. As a result, players will be able to plan in such a manner that they will be able to enjoy the casino experience over a long period, without having to stop playing Texas Hold ‘Em abruptly.

The next stakeholder is the casinos. By providing “limit-setting” and automatic alert facilities, the casinos will be able to earn more credibility among the public as responsible operators. With a better reputation will come more footfall and more revenues.

The final stakeholder is the governments. Since the welfare of the citizens is the main concern of the governments, sudden impoverishment of its citizens from losing control in casinos has always been a “headache” for them. As the casinos become more responsible for the well-being of the players, governments will have no choice but recognize such efforts.

After identifying their many benefits, limit-setting tools have already been implemented in a few countries like New Zealand, Singapore, Norway and Sweden. And with its ever-increasing need, different governments and authorities like the Massachusetts Gaming Commission are working to implement them. Indeed, this is good news for all the stakeholders in the long run, especially if you’re at a table playing a game of Omaha Hi-Lo.

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