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Intrapay launches new payment platform

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Intralot has rolled out a purpose-built payment platform to the global gaming market. 

Boasting of a management team of experienced individuals from the gambling sector, the company will focus entirely on the industry.

Intrapay Direct is one of the solutions available from Intrapay which will enable direct bank transfer payments. Operators can use it to allow their clients to complete orders using their online banking details and security checks. Koen Vanpraet will serve as chief executive of Intrapay while Richard Beaton will take on the role of chief product and innovation officer. 

“The era of ‘one-size-fits-no-one’ payments in gaming is coming to an end, and the future of payments is going to be defined by gamers themselves,” Vanpraet said.

“Thanks to internationalisation, proliferating device use and newer payment methods, consumers are already becoming more influential, ‘voting with their feet’ by picking their payments preference at the checkout.

“We’re devoted to building a company fit for this future: one where experienced, dedicated people work together in close harmony to develop innovative value-added payments that match the needs of gaming businesses with the needs of their customers.”

“Too many technology companies make the mistake of creating technology without understanding how it is deployed and ultimately used,” Beaton added.

“In an era of financial deregulation and ubiquitous internet, it’s time for the consumer and customer to drive the product and not the other way round. 

“The difference with Intrapay is that we listen, we’ve built adaptive technology, and we have no legacy.”

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