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Ukrainian Gaming Summit 2017 was focused on the creation of a new regulatory framework.

The event took place on December 8, 2017 in Hyatt Regency Kyiv.

Key topics of the Summit included:

Panel discussion – Responsible legalization of the gaming industry
– International obligations of Ukraine
– Unification of the legislation with the EU
– Legalization of the gaming industry: a critical moment for the growth of the country
– New incomes for the state budget

Panel discussion – Gaming legislation for Ukraine – kick-start of the new market

– Basic principles of licensing
– Mechanisms of state regulation and supervision
– Key legal and technological instruments for the state supervision
– Consumer protection through the state governing
– Analysis of the existing Ukrainian law projects
– Competition in the gaming industry

Panel discussion – Investment potentials of the gaming industry projects – demands of the investors

– Success stories of different investment projects
– Gaming industry for small, middle and big businesses: experience, obstacles, perspectives
– Investment projects in Ukraine – UA GAME MAP
– Sources of capital: proposals from international donors and local sector

Panel discussion – Social effects of the responsible legalization
– Responsibility of the operators
– Experience in other countries, success and failure stories
– Responsible advertising and marketing activities


The seminary type conference was set to become the stage where the most renowned experts from across the world would create workshops and share their ideas about how the Ukrainian government can amend the right methods to attract operators and service providers in a soon to be regulated market.

The Summit was to give way for the delegates to network with regulators, gaming experts, operators, software providers and investors.



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