CryptoSanta: New Cryptolottery Fulfills Christmas Dreams

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CryptoSanta launches a Christmas lottery to fulfill Christmas dreams of players. We all have material dreams, which probably will never be fulfilled. Hardly ever we’ll buy a new Tesla Roadster, a large house on the Atlantic coast or Vacheron Constantin watch. Of course, Santa could have made us such a present … if he really existed. But we can rely only on ourselves. Our cherished desires will not be fulfilled not only because we will never earn so much, but also because we will find more rational way to spend our money: to pay for the education of children, to take care of pension, etc. And our dreams will always remain just dreams …

CryptoSanta decided to fix this situation by launching a Christmas lottery where everyone can win their own dream. Before the ruffle participants choose by themselves how much they want to win. Drawing takes place on December 25, exactly on Christmas night. CryptoSanta will not only fulfill dreams that you will never fulfill by yourself, but will present a long-forgotten anticipation of the holiday, so that you again, as in childhood, with faith and hope met Christmas. You have not waited a miracle for a long time, have you? Now you have a chance. Become Santa to yourself!

How does it work

A lottery participant chooses the amount that he needs to realize his dream. There are 21 options. The system calculates the optimal number of tickets to be purchased in order to have a high chance of winning. A participant can buy more tickets to increase the probability of winning.

You can buy a ticket in the two most popular cryptocurrencies: bitcoin and etherium. The lottery is anonymous, without registration. Identification of participants is carried out according to the code of cryptocurrency wallet.

Prize drawing takes place in several rounds and continues until the list of participants is empty.

Here you can find details of the lottery rules and technical features of the project

Anyone can check the open code to make sure that the lottery is transparent and fair

Christmas mood is the best present for your loved ones

The CryptoSanta lottery is a wonderful gift not only to yourself, but also to your loved ones. Instead of a thousand trinkets or practical and boring things, give them a chance to win a dream. Share with them a festive mood, give them the thrill of waiting for a Christmas miracle and let them know that their dream is not indifferent to you.

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