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CPI Bringing New Products and Proven Performance to ICE 2018

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Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), a Crane Co. Company, is exhibiting at ICE 2018 on booth #N3-320 with a powerful suite of products that are revolutionizing the way operators connect with their players, their business process and, ultimately, their revenue. A full range of currency validation and cash management solutions will be on display, including the all-new SCR Advance MDR banknote recycler and the forthcoming EASITRAX Live smart cashbox system.

EASITRAX Live is the next generation of CPI’s winning EASITRAX product, which has been embraced by operators for providing the critical insight needed to drive faster, smarter and more profitable cash management efficiencies from the gaming floor to the back room. It works by collecting transaction and performance data directly from the note acceptor and then generating reports that can be used to streamline the drop process, facilitate asset evaluations, optimize asset performance and improve maintenance programs.

Eric Fisher, CPI president of Gaming:

“What makes EASITRAX Live different than its predecessor – and, in fact, any other cashbox system out there – is that it operates in real-time instead of on delay,. That means operators will no longer need to wait for the drop to understand how their note acceptors are performing and what the status of each cashbox is. Instead, they will be able to respond to potential issues as – or even before – they occur.

“This kind of functionality is unprecedented in the Gaming industry, and we are thrilled to give our customers a sneak peek at it during the show. Our intent is to formally launch EASITRAX Live later in 2018.”

Also on display during ICE 2018 will be the newest model of the SCR Advance banknote recycler, called SCR Advance MDR. SCR Advance already offers the fastest transaction speeds, tightest security and lowest jam rate in the industry – but now, thanks to its new MDR (Mixed-Denomination Recycling) functionality, it can also recycle more than two denominations of banknotes. In fact, it can recycle up to four – all from the same compact form factor and 2-drum architecture.

The ability to recycle more than two denominations of banknotes is especially critical to the German AWP market, where new legislation next year will reduce the maximum credit allowed on machines from 20 to 10. Meanwhile, players will continue to use high denomination notes like the 50, forcing machines to give more change. This would normally starve the hoppers in very little time, but thankfully SCR Advance MDR can help prevent this problem. It enables the recycling of lower denomination notes like 5s and 10s in addition to 20s and even 50s when players use higher denomination notes – allowing machines to run efficiently for longer periods of time, saving operators the costs associated with downtime and service calls.

To learn more about SCR Advance MDR and EASITRAX Live, along with the rest of CPI’s winning product portfolio, please visit CPI on booth N3-320 at ICE 2018 or visit

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