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Breakdown of Types of Slots

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If you’re the type of player to go chasing the best online casino bonus, you no doubt already know which slots are multi pay-line, 3D or progressives; but not everyone is aware what these terms mean.

So, in order to help out those who are just starting out, we’ve put together this helpful infographic that breaks down what types of slots you’re likely to encounter and gives you a quick explanation of what they all are. So, starting from the top, the multiple pay-line slots are an evolution from the original ‘middle only’ variety.

Now you can win horizontally, vertically or in a zig zag depending on what the slot is. 3D slots is the name associated with the more dynamic and interesting themed games you normally find online. With an adjusted approach to the game and an engaging design, they’re widely loved for being a bit different from the bog-standard Bell, Cherry and Heart motifs.

Finally, a progressive is the type of slot that accumulates money for the jackpot as players spin the reels until someone finally wins (sort of like the lottery, but a lot more engaging).

For a better explanation of these and more, check out this cool infographic (click on the image make the picture bigger)!


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