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Holland Casino gets European Certificate for Responsible Gaming Policy

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Holland Casino has been awarded a European certificate for responsible gaming policy. In the European Union only two other casino operators have such a certificate.

Holland Casino’s CEO Erwin van Lambaart:

“This puts Holland Casino in the leading group of European casino operators on the responsible gaming front.”
Director of Security and Responsible Gaming, Janny Wierda:
“We are very proud of this certificate. It underlines how seriously we take our responsible gaming policy. You have to meet very strict conditions to gain this certification, which makes it very valuable for us.”

The certification process takes into account these eight aspects:

  • Responsible gaming training for staff members,
  • information for problem players regarding the risks of gaming, including the possibility of referrals to support organisations and contact with support organisations,
  • registration, identification and verification of ID (including admittance policy for incapacitated persons and alcohol abuse),
  • policy regarding marketing and responsible gaming,
  • alcohol policy,
  • the company policy for employees suffering from potential gambling addiction,
  • contacts with stakeholders and the use of their feedback, including reference to the relevant responsible gaming policy in annual reports,
  • working with the input from stakeholders and the financing of research and innovation in that field.
Director of Security and Responsible Gaming, Janny Wierda:

“We consider the care for our guests as one of Holland Casino’s core tasks. That duty of care entails, among other things, that we ensure that our guests can enjoy gaming safely and responsibly at all times.” Holland Casino developed its responsible gaming policy in close cooperation with Dutch addiction care organisation Verslavingszorg Nederland. This policy falls under the jurisdiction of the Dutch Gaming Authority, which has access to all our operating processes and registration systems.

Holland Casino’s resposible gaming policy

Holland Casino’s employees make a crucial contribution to the execution of our Responsible Gaming Policy. Our intensive responsible gaming training focuses on providing employees with insight into the problems of gambling addiction. They are trained in the early detection of potential problem behaviour and learn to use communication skills to make an active contribution to our responsible gaming policy. They also learn how to identify and assess changing behaviour in our guests.


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