APEX Gaming’s Dragon Egg installed at MERIT CASINOS, Northern Cyprus

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The DRAGON EGG Island Jackpot solution is taking the gaming industry by storm. This complete and groundbreaking jackpot system can be found in more and more casinos around the world – after its initial premiere at this year’s ICE in London where APEX set the theme for how future jackpot concepts can look.

The largest casino group in Northern Cyprus – MERIT CASINOS – has installed the DRAGON EGG jackpot system. The business spirit of MERIT CASINOS, as explained on its website, includes ‘applying new ideas and concepts’ and ‘focusing on guest satisfaction 100 percent’.

Nuh Yondem, Slots Director at MERIT CASINOS:

“We take our company philosophy extremely seriously. The roots of our success stem from this. The DRAGON EGG provides a new level of gaming entertainment that we wish to offer our customers. It fits in perfectly on our casino floor. We are extremely pleased with the feedback from our guests and its popularity shows that we have made the right choice”

The DRAGON EGG offers so much. This Pinnacle Premium Jackpot comprises of eight Pinnacle Premium SL slot machines, all with three large screens each. The large top and side lightings are integrated into the game and a player can see the dragon fly over all three screens and the top display as well. This gives the game an expansive feeling. Furthermore, players can participate in up to 16 different jackpots over four main levels.

Nuh Yondem, Slots Director at MERIT CASINOS:

“At last we have a complete jackpot system that brings our casino to life. We can well see that APEX is living up to its business spirit to take gaming to the next level”
Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director at APEX gaming:

“It is a special occasion when two companies can live up to their company philosophies by working together. Our thanks go to the MERIT team for bringing DRAGON EGG to their customers. We are very proud to have made such a strong contribution here”
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