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Kindred Joins the Nordic Gambling Therapy Group

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A new app from support organisation Nordic Gambling Therapy Group will provide problem gamblers with the help that they need to kick their addictions, and gambling powerhouse Kindred Group Plc will be supporting the initiative.

The group has demonstrated its commitment to promoting safe and responsible gambling on its sites, and its involvement in the app will only further serve to improve the lives of those affected by problem gambling.

Kindred Group Plc’s Gambling Therapy app will provide Scandinavian users with support for and information about problem gambling. With funding from Kindred Group Plc, the organisation will obtain the funds required to further develop the app. As such, the Gambling Therapy app will be translated into all four Nordic languages: Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and Danish.

Kindred is a group of online casino brands that includes some of the largest companies like Unibet, 32Red, Maria Casino, and

Each of the sites in Kindred Group is committed to providing players with a safe gambling experience and aims to ensure that players enjoy their games responsibly. Their commitment is visible in every aspect of the company’s brands activities, from their no deposit bonus promotions – which come with some of the most easy-to-understand Terms and Conditions – to the self-exclusion mechanisms implemented on the gaming platforms.

The free app developed by will provide users with plenty of tools that will help them identify and overcome problem gambling. The key features of the app will include:

  • A self-assessment survey
  • Text-based live support
  • Mindfulness and self-help exercises
  • Crisis support information
  • Daily motivational quotes
  • Links to software that can block gambling sites
  • Directory of problem gambling organisations
  • Access to Gambling Therapy forums

Access to a mobile app could make a significant difference in problem gamblers who have trouble asking for assistance. According to many studies, there is a stigma surrounding problem gambling that prevents those affected from seeking the treatment necessary to curb their spending habits. Researchers state that problem gamblers feel more ashamed than people who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Secrecy is one of the main mechanisms used to cope with the stigma, which results in problem gamblers refraining from taking the first step towards recovery.

Using an app like Gambling Therapy, users can anonymously seek help. They can interact with other problem gamblers and their loved ones for support, and use online tools that will help them along their path to recovery. The app may also provide them with the confidence they need to seek help offline via therapy or support groups.

Pedro Romero, Head of Gambling Therapy:

“It is widely recognised within the industry that Kindred Group is a leader in Player Protection. We are delighted with Kindred’s support to further develop the Gambling Therapy App, which will further help thousands of people struggling with their gambling”.

The new Gambling Therapy app could have a significant positive affect on problem gamblers in Scandinavia and around the world. Currently, an English version of the app is available on Google Play and the App Store.

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