Hazard of Fraud

CASEXE on the Hazard of Fraud and how to combat fraudsters

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CASEXE is eager to share important information for its customers on the hazard of fraud and how to avoid becoming a victim of fraudsters and to resist the cheating on their resources. Why is there a dangerous risk of fraud in IT sphere? First of all, because not only gambling houses are on the line, but also their visitors.

Cheaters are stealing clients’ personal data and detailed information on credit cards, as well as accessing and controlling their deposits and transactions. Eventually, all of this amount to the financial loses, including from credit cards, and blackmailing of personal data.

Anti-fraud tools

How do cheaters gain access to online casino systems? This is the result of developers’ unscrupulous work, integrating imperceptible backdoors to the system – secret loopholes inside the software.

To combat the hazard of fraud and fraudsters, online casino software providers use different methods – multi-level identification, IP blocking and other settings, but the most effective one is considered to be an anti-fraud.

Developers integrate a special system, tracking any suspicious activity, into the platform. The system is akin to antiviruses – they don’t merely calculate the fraud, but also resist it.

CASEXE pays special attention to online casino’s security – we do care about our reputation as a supplier on the market, as well as about successful operating of your business. You can find more information on the fraud at our website at the link below.

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