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Real money casinos are gambling portals which provide gamblers with easy, real time access to online gambling facilities. These online casinos typically offer a variety and combination of slot machines and tables, with some also offering virtual table based casino games, and most also offering linked and progressive jackpot payouts as well.

When compared to traditional or physical casinos, the primary difference is that these online casinos do not have a physical presence, and are rather fully online and web available establishments.

Among the key advantages to online real money casinos is that they are available to gamblers in real time and are generally available universally, bar for a few countries worldwide where online gambling is prohibited.  One of the disadvantages to online real money casinos is the lack of physical presence, wherein there is no real ambience or atmosphere which one would normally associate with a brick and casino.

How to Find the Best Real Money Casinos

To find the best real money online casinos, a prospective gambler would typically want to focus on some or all of the following elements:

It should be relatively easy to register ones account and deposit funds for playing in the online casino, and the ideal casinos will allow secure, real time credit card deposit facilities.

Customer support should be readily and always available and should be in the form of online live help or chat support, as well as telephonic support where necessary.

It is always also recommended that prospective players choose online casinos which are regulated and legally operating in the users region or territory, as most casino related legislative bodies apply very stringent criteria for initial online casino approval, and also tend to undertake continual audits on the online casino facilities from independent bodies such as this online portal and this website created by former gamblers in order to ensure maximum regulatory and statutory compliance. Online gambling communities such as this reddit one care also increasing as players would like to ensure your money doesn’t go to waste.

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The ability to deposit and gamble online in a user’s specific domestic currency is a very critical factor, as this will allow for online gamblers to easily calculate and keep track of their win or loss margins, and will importantly not subject prospective gamblers to lengthier withdrawal periods, foreign exchange currency conversion fees, or fluctuations in currency exchange rates which may adversely affecting players net win or loss margins.


As the nature of the business implies, online real money casinos do require real money to be deposited into user accounts in order for users to conduct their gambling activities. The process is generally two-fold, in that users need to be able to both deposit their money, and should be easily allowed to withdraw their successful winnings as and when required.

There are a number of deposit methods offered by real money casinos, and these can include direct deposits via electronic fund transfer into the establishment’s bank account, and also direct payment via credit card into the user’s online gambling account.

Whilst most online casinos do not have over complicated procedures and will allow direct deposits and withdrawals immediately, there are certain online casinos which require users to provide documentary proof of banking details for both withdrawal and deposit purposes. These processes can sometimes take many hours to complete, which can slow down the process and culminate in an overall poor experience due to the delays.

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Game Selection

When it comes to game selection, the number and types of games available at online real money casinos are practically limitless- especially when considering that most online real money casinos offer their online gamblers the ability to place bets in higher denominations which are not generally available at traditional brick and mortar casinos.

Certain online casinos have primary focus on just slot machines, whilst other offer a mix of slot machines, digital table games, and live virtual table based games as well.

Most good online real money casinos offer games from the majority of online gaming providers, with games being provided by gaming development houses such as Aristocrat, IGT, Bally, Playtech, and Microgaming as well.
A serious favourite which can be noticed in both physical and virtual online casinos in New Zealand are the machines referred to as “pokies” – these machines are those which are multi denomination and multi-line available- and typically offer users bonus features such as scatter wins and free spin features when certain pay lines or pay symbols are activated. Some of these “pokie” machines also contain access to hyperlinked and progressive jackpots, which can be triggered after any spin, whether it is a winning spin or not, and are generally agnostic of the total bet wagered.

Software Quality

The vast amount of real money casino games available online is not the key critical success factor to be considered in terms of software, rather it is the availability and ease of access of the gaming platforms. To this extent, there has been a noted switch from the more traditional download based online casinos, to real time web based real money casino facilities.

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These instant play facilities offer gamblers much quicker access, and being web based allows play across a variety of digital platforms such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Most good online real money casinos have released their software across multiple popular mobile platforms such as Apples’ iOS and Android.

In terms of graphics and overall user experience, one also has to consider and appreciate those online casinos who release their games in high definition formats, and for enhanced user experience also offer interactive search boxes for users to enter keywords to find the specific games they are looking for.

Overall brand reliability and trustworthiness

In summary, whilst there are a multitude of online real money casinos available both locally and abroad, one should always take cognizance of certain key factors when deciding which online facility to make use of. Among the key elements which any player should consider are the track record of the online casino, and this would be based on factors such as the duration which the online casino has been running for- a business which has been in establishment for a longer period most likely has a strong customer base due to its reliability.

A prospective gambler could also do some research online to check the customer service record of the casino in terms of customer satisfaction- this could be related to both positive and negative reviews related to time for payouts to be effected, as well as downtime affecting user experience.

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