Annexio enters Ireland

Isle of Man-based lottery betting operator Annexio enters Ireland

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Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations, Isle of Man-based lottery betting operator Annexio enters Ireland after it has been granted a license to operate in the country. The new licence will allow players in the Irish Republic to try their legendary luck on Annexio’s online lottery games such as the renowned U.S. Powerball with its potential to hit jackpots of over $1 Billion.

Annexio General Counsel Paul Telford said the move thanks to which Annexio enters Ireland was part of the brand’s wider strategy to expand its international customer base.

Annexio General Counsel Paul Telford:

“As a responsible operator and leader in its field, Annexio will seek to gain licences in other jurisdictions as and when they become available.

“As well as opening up new markets, licensing gives our business long-term security and clarity around the compliance requirements in other jurisdictions. In a sector that is still to some degree an evolving market, with many jurisdictions yet to implement regulation, it is important to us that we operate at the highest standards and are recognized for doing so.

“Acquiring licenses also means we are able to contribute to local economies through tax revenues and promotional activity while growing the bottom line of our business here in the Isle of Man. We anticipate making further announcements regarding other jurisdictions later in the year.”

Annexio was established in 2011 and it is headquartered in Douglas. The company has a team of around 30 people. It specializes in providing players with the chance to bet on some of the biggest lotteries in the world, with the chance to win life-changing cash prizes.

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