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Fantasy themed Fantasino casino goes live

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Fantasy themed Fantasino casino is the latest new online casino to be launched this March. Last week the new Fantasino casino went live and opened it’s doors to the public.

The new Fantasino casino is a promise of a new online gaming concept, Fantasino wants to please players by providing them with a unique experience, all to enhance the gambling experience.

Andrés Blanco a Co-Founder of Fantasino Casino:

“I’ve always been a fan of Gamification and I believe everyone has a weakness towards video games. I have wonderful memories playing my favourite Super Nintendo video games as a little kid. After several weeks of learning the theory behind gamification, gathering ideas with one of my best friends (who’s a passionate gamer) and studying the competition, we came up with an improved concept of gamification, in which we actually make the website a real game.”

“It’s not a matter of simply giving badges with no purpose; we wanted players to be able to interact with the website, like a video game. In our team we have our incredibly talented Head of Design, who’s behind all the 3D characters’ designs and the magnificent creations for Fantasy World.”.

Fantasy World is a special concept exclusive to Fantasino casino in which players can create up 3D characters in gamified online world that’s fully integrated with online slots and casino games.

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Fantasino Casino went live on 15th March 2017. The casino has a licence with both the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority which gives them the right to operate in both the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.

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