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Finnish people in favour of the monopolistic regime

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As we all know, gambling is very popular in the colder countries. Even though most of the people associate casinos with Las-Vegas, the European heart of gambling is located in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. While some countries are trying to work out various mechanisms that limit the amount of the casinos, such countries as Finland are keeping all of the casino profits in the state-owned hands. And the best news is that the Finnish people support such a policy.

According to the recent report by, based on the Yle-commissioned poll, over 65% of the respondents prefer having the gambling market in the hands of the state. The main reason behind such an attitude  of Finnish people is that the profit driven from the online and offline gambling and sportsbetting is actually spent on the charities.

When we are breaking down the data, it is clear that the older population and, especially its feminine part, strongly supports the government monopoly on the gambling business. On the flipside, younger males are much more in favour of opening up the business for the privately held gambling operators.

Apart from disallowing international casino companies to enter the territory of Finland, the country also worked hard to consolidate the whole gambling market under a single wing. Today there is only one company that controls all of the betting activities, including casinos, lotteries, horse racing and more. Just a year ago there were three different, yet state owned companies that were focusing on each of those services: RAY, Veikkaus and Fintoto.

As many people comment, the main reason why Finnish people do want to keep this industry, or actually any other industry, in the hands of the state is pretty simple. Finish people trust their government and don’t expect it to act in an evil manner. Hence, the people are certain that the government will be able to bring in more advantages with the gambling profits than the private companies would.

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