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UK – BetConstuct is waiting for ICE 2017

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BetConstuct is waiting for ICE 2017 to begin the new year with new successful deals.

CEO Vahe Baloulian said:

“The past 12 months turned out to be incredibly busy, gratifyingly challenging and exceptionally successful. They were filled with a dizzying number of events, new product releases and many learning opportunities. New talented partners and suppliers have joined the BetConstruct family making it more versatile and encompassing.”

“Our product side experienced a steady growth. We have hugely increased our casino portfolio, making it one of the largest in the industry. It includes content from our own studio as well as thousands of games from all leading and up-and-coming suppliers. BetConstruct Live Casino was enriched with new games, some of them unique, like Russian Poker. Looking forward, we kicked-off VR and AR development. One of the most significant events turned out to be the gradual release of the Player Management System of Spring platform as Open Source on GitHub. Not less significantly, we threw down the gauntlet on Live Scouting Data and other Data Services. As always, one of the biggest achievements for me personally is the growth of our teammates as consummate professionals ready to question the status quo, to come up with incredible ideas and to support BetConstruct partners in their drive for growth.”

Mr. Baloulian expects that ICE 2017 is to be very informative.

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CEO Vahe Baloulian said:

“There are many developments brewing-up with new markets, new verticals, new technologies and new companies vying to add their colours onto already very busy gaming canvas.And it’s always very educational to see not only what but also how they are doing it.”

Vahe Baloulian beliebes that fantasy sports market in the US is holding a lot of potential.

“I think that the shake-up of the DFS industry in the US, the subsequent corrections and ongoing legislative clarifications will help the category to grow. At the same time, Fantasy Sports is moving away from being only a US player by not sitting still and aggressively pushing for a recognition outside its birthplace. BetConstruct takes an active part in this process. We have been developing fantasy sports for a few years now and in 2016 have launched BetConstruct fantasy sports network using our proprietary technology.”

BetConstruct is one of the first and biggest providers of eSports data and markets. The company trusts in the great success of eSports in the betting space but it now it is still in its infancy.

“We are working in the background to make sure one day eSports finds its identity in the betting world and the reality matches the hype surrounding this category. From the beginning of this century almost every year was celebrated as a Year of Mobile. It’s possible that without that build-up the development would stagnate for the lack of interest. But, finally, mobile arrived and the history seems to be repeating itself with VR and AR technologies. This year we have launched development in this area. We’ll show some of our early achievements at the ICE but we don’t expect just yet the masses to don the sci-fi looking gear to play casino or any other games. The last year was also very significant in terms of the recognition we received from the industry. From a BetConstruct executive being celebrated as one of the most innovative and inspiring people in the industry to eight prestigious awards – every nod from our peers is being viewed by BetConstruct not only as a well-deserved recognition but also as an obligation to do even better next year.”

“The ICE is where we make the promise to our partners and to the industry to continue challenging the status quo and to continue coming up with products and solutions that will move BetConstruct forward and cement its place as one of the most forward-looking companies around. We also hope that our efforts will benefit our entire industry. After the ICE, we set out to deliver on that promise and go further. There are many things that we want to accomplish and start-on in 2017. We have amazing new products and services, such as SlotBuilder, Live Scouting Data Service, Live Casino, Fantasy Sports, and Social Gaming Platform that we’ll be giving a lot of attention to. We are confident that we can do anything we put our mind to because we are driven not only by a promise of an external reward, but also by the belief that what we do is something worth doing in its own right.”
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