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NYX receives approval by Canadian Gaming Regulators and Authorities

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Market leading supplier to casino, sportsbook, lottery and bingo operators across the globe, NYX receives approval by Canadian Gaming Regulators and Authorities.

NYX receives approval by Canadian Gaming Regulators and Authorities to provide its products and services across the following Canadian Provinces:

1. British Columbia: NYX is registered as a “ Gaming Service Provider” to British Columbia Lottery Corporation by British Columbia Gaming Policy & Enforcement Branch (“GPEB”)

The GPEB monitors and regulates all gaming in British Columbia, makes its best to ensure the integrity of gaming industry companies, people, equipment and compliance with policies established according to B.C.’s Gaming Control Act. Their operations include regulatory oversight of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, B.C.’s horse racing industry, and licensed gaming events.

2. Quebec: NYX as an “Approved Gaming Supplier” to Loto Québec
Loto-Québec is leading the lottery industry and it draws on its extensive experience in research and development, the dedication of its employees and retailers, the quality of its distribution network, the top application and integrity of its procedures.

3. Nova Scotia: NYX is registered as a “Lottery Equipment Supplier” by Nova Scotia Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division under Nova Scotia’s Gaming Control Act and the Atlantic Lottery Regulations
Nova Scotia Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division’s role is to make sure that the gaming industry is as socially responsible as possible. It also enables the industry to generate reasonable profits for the provincial government which go directly into Nova Scotia’s general revenues to help pay for important programs, services and infrastructure.

Matt Davey, CEO NYX Gaming Group:

“Satisfying the comprehensive conditions set out by the gaming regulators and authorities across these Provinces is testament to our long term strategy to operate at the highest levels in regulated gaming worldwide. The approvals pave the way to expand our footprint with gaming content and sportsbook services across Canada. Our underlying product focus is now the cornerstone of our new operating model and strategic vision. Since our initial public offering at the end of 2014, the journey at NYX has been underpinned by our view on the technology, content and capabilities required to capitalize on the pace of growth in regulated online gambling worldwide. We look forward to providing world-class content and technology across these Provinces and working closely with their respective gaming regulators and authorities.”
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