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Bitcoin Casinos – The Future of Online Gambling

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During the last couple of years, the market of bitcoin-based online casinos has grown considerably, as is now closing in terms of popularity to fiat-based casinos. However, numerous analysts from all around the world have often stated that bitcoin casinos likely represent the future of online gambling, and this is quite understandable given the rising popularity of the digital currency, alongside with the number features being offered by these casinos.

With this in mind, in this article, we will discuss why bitcoin casinos are becoming a trend on the internet, the main benefits of bitcoin casinos, and finally, how online gambling will evolve over the years.

1. Worldwide access

Unlike traditional casinos, which cannot be played in certain areas due to jurisdictional issues and various laws, bitcoin casinos can be played virtually anywhere in the world, as long as you can access (hint: use VPN!) the website associated with the casino. While some countries may implement firewalls meant to keep citizens away from online casinos, these can often be passed with the help of proxy networks.

At this moment in time, some people are finding the idea of choosing an online bitcoin casino difficult, as there are tons of choices on the market.

Well,  (check it out!) represents a great first licensed (!) bitcoin casino, with numerous game providers including Onetouch, Endorphina, Betsoft, Netent and similar, 24/7 live chat support that can answer all your questions, international players, good security and awesome user interface.

Another great choice would be (check it out!), which has all of the same features mentioned above, a few more games, and additionally, gives US players the ability to play on the platform.

2. Player safety and safe game results thanks to provably fair protocols

At this moment in time, most bitcoin casinos offer provably fair features, which are basically cryptographic algorithms meant to check whether the outcome of a roll has been tempered with by the casino, or a third party.

3. Insanely fast transactions in-game, but also quick deposits and withdrawals

Fiat-based casinos often require users to wait for hours and even days before their funds are deposited, and they can play. However, most bitcoin casinos require all transactions to receive one confirmation, which typically takes a few minutes. Withdrawals are also processed instantly, unlike fiat casinos. It’s worth pointing out that the taxes associated with the deposits and withdrawals are insanely small, worth a few cents for medium transactions, and a few dollars for transactions worth hundreds.

4. Anonymity

Anonymity likely represents the most important advantage that bitcoin casinos have when compared to traditional ones. As you’re not dealing with an actual currency, you won’t have to submit personal details. In fact, you don’t even have to create an account unless you really want to with most casinos present on the market, which is great news. Once you win, the law also does not require you to tax the winning, considering the fact that you’ll be withdrawing in the digital currency.

In the future, chances are that bitcoin casinos will evolve even more, by introducing more games, support for multiple digital currencies, a higher number of live-dealer games, better promotions, and higher payouts.

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