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Online gambling vs. eSports games

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Gambling in any shape is exiting and addictive activity that keeps on attracting millions of new players every day. Most of them are looking for easy money, some are enjoying taking risks and it’s even more appealing when there is a chance of winning money. In any case virtual gambling spots making it so easy enjoying your experience in the comfort of your house or office; gambling entertainment is available 24/7 by means of your app and gadget. According to the reviews posted in 2016 best smartphones popular among avid online players are Acer Predator 6, iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6.

Online gambling

Enjoying your favorite game without annoying music, distracting sound, overcrowded premises of a real casino is quite beneficial as offers a peace of mind to dedicate all efforts to the game. Virtual gambling is a fast growing business with huge profits and enormous army of followers, there is a great chance of becoming a victim of a fraud so before choosing the casino to play – make a thorough research or visit if you want to find 100% reliable gaming spot in no time.

eSports gameseSports most popular games

Video games are taking our lives by storm: children and adults are equally involved in this engaging activity that takes to the whole new fantasy world filled with magic creatures, deserted cities, savage battles, ancient civilizations, etc. no player will be left indifferent if a game has enticing plot and great graphics. Not only dynamic environment attracts new players from all over the world but also betting opportunities that allow win some money whether you are participating or just a viewer. Profitable industry of eSports attracts millions of participants worldwide. Research suggests that the clientele consists of approx. 85% male and 15% female players.

Video games can be divided inti following types:  real-time strategy, fighting, first-person shooter, multiplayer online battle arena or MOBA. Most beloved games are:

  • MOBA games: Dota2, Supernova, Heroes of the Storm, SMITE, League of Legends, etc.;
  • First-person shooter: Counter-Strike series, Doom, Unreal Tournament, Halo, etc.;
  • Fighting games: Killer Instinct, The Street Fighter, Tekken, etc.;
  • Real-time strategy: StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Sins of a Solar Empire, Rome: Total War, etc.;
  • Sports games include these well-known activities as FIFA, Madden, Rocket League.

eSports games casino
These both activities are equally addictive, provide great opportunity to relax and forget about our everyday lives, escaping reality as well as winning some money. Multinational teams even managed winning millions in online gambling attracts players with various promotions and tempting jackpots.

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