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Aspire Global launches casino brand

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Aspire Global launches casino brand and maintains a hot streak of white label deals.

Platform provider Aspire Global is set to launch its newest white label casino brand Wix Stars offering slots, casino games and live casino.

As Aspire Global launches casino brand, players will get access to the newest white label casino Wix Stars which is to offer slots, casino games and live casino. The new international casino brand will bring a wide range of offers and content, mostly Slots and Casino games, such as Live Casino. The games are to come from popular game providers.

Jov Spiero, VP of the B2B department in Aspire Global:

“ I am very happy that chose Aspire to be its platform provider, and look forward to working together to create a successful brand”
Wixstars’s CEO:

“From the start Aspire Global proved to be remarkably professional and highly innovative. Their entire team is made of dedicated experts who are capable of delivering a premium igaming product. Aspire Global worked closely with us on all aspects and guaranteed that our WixStars brand turns into a unique online casino brand.”
Commenting on year 2016 in a recent Sigma magazine,  Tsachi Maimon Aspire Global’s CEO said:

It was indeed a very good year. I’m glad that we invested in making sure our infrastructure was easily scalable before the start of the year. The most significant reason for this growth is that we have great partners. They are achieving success working with us, and because of this they are recommending us to others. No salesperson is as effective as a happy customer at generating new business. I’m also really proud of the fact that some of our operators are so happy with their results that they are opening second brands with us to allow them to expand even faster. We are always delighted when our operators are successful. We enjoy very close relationships with all our partners and care for their businesses as though we own them ourselves. We know that ultimately, our partners’ results will determine how far we go, so we are determined to resolve any issue or request they might have quickly and efficiently. We want to make sure that nothing falls between the cracks and is forgotten. We know from our partners’ results that this approach works, and we know from the number of referrals we get that they truly appreciate our ownership approach.

About Aspire Global

Aspire Global is a turnkey solution provider specialising in innovative software solutions that bring fun and entertainment with great market appeal. The company is dedicated to partnerships, not client relationships that it why their partners may benefit from their vast knowledge, and the other way round. The team of Aspire Global is “more than experienced” – they have a deep knowledge which allows them to provide many opportunities appealing to the market.

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