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Ikibu online casino has been launched!

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A brand new and long-awaited Ikibu online casino has been launched this week, providing players with a completely new casino experience.

The new Ikibu online casino is a groundbreaking new casino brand that allows players to benefit from a unique player loyalty and game progression.

Ikibu online casino utilizes both the Fast Track front end platform and IGC’s back end platform. The website of the casino positioned itself to become a great success within the online gaming European market.

Once you enter Ikibu online casino, you are immediately taken into the new world of adventure, challenges and fun. While playing games at the casino, players travel through the isle of Ikibu, moving from one village to another, meeting indigenous population of Iki’s and collecting seeds while reaching new levels. Players can visit Ikibu shop and exchange seeds for bonus or save them for more attractive rewards.
Ikibu is currently in open BETA and accepting all players.

Rafael Rios CEO of Ikibu said:

‘’I’m really thrilled to see Ikibu Casino live. We set out to provide a completely new casino experience to players. With the one of a kind loyalty program and the brands unique look and feel, the brand really achieves just that. It’s a casino built by players for players. We will continue to grow features and functionality to ensure Ikibu becomes the leading casino within the European market.’’
CEO of FAST TRACK, Simon Lidzen commented:

“We’re very excited to finally take the FAST TRACK front-end platform to its true potential. Ikibu combines the power of a great story, hand drawn artwork, user experience and leading data capabilities to create a one of a kind player experience. With the results of the beta tests and focus groups at hand, we see potential in quickly assuming a market leading position.”
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