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FlowPlay announces launch of Ready Set Go

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FlowPlay, the developer and supplier of creative casino games and solutions, has announced the launch of free-to-play Ready Set Go game. The game gives players the opportunity to make in-play bets during football and baseball matches in the style resembling Daily Fantasy Sports.

Each bet is made with the use of virtual currency. Ready Set Go offers Lightning Bets feature which allows players to make in-play bets in different situations like short ruling or field challenge.

FlowPlay conducted hours of research of the online betting industry while designing the game, thanks to which the firm is ready to deliver a product that will meet requirements of most enthusiasts of fantasy sports games. No real money is involved into game-play as the game uses virtual currency.

“There are tens of millions of sports fans that are not interested in real-money gambling, or are unable to do so because it is illegal in their home state – industry data shows more than 50 million North Americans plan to play some form of fantasy sports this year. Similarly, there are tons of casual gamers that also enjoy sports spectatorship and are looking for a way to tie their enjoyment of both into one experience. These factors leave a significant gap in the daily fantasy sports and season-long fantasy sports markets – a gap that our games are filling for fans that want to legally and casually interact with their favourite professional sporting events in real-time,” said FlowPlay on free-to-play Ready Set Go game.

Players will be able to place bets on all professional sports games as they happen. We have developed a proprietary algorithm that determines scoring based on hundreds of thousands of situational data points for each sport. This back-end design makes it possible for Ready Set Bet to provide players with an accurate, up-to-the-moment fantasy sports experience previously unavailable in other games.”

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