Robert De Niro's Paradise Found Casino

Robert De Niro’s Paradise Found Casino gets green light in Barbuda

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Barbuda has finally approved billionaire James Packer and Hollywood star Robert De Niro’s Paradise Found Casino project and plans to acquire the former K Club Resort’s 251 acres on Coco Point. De Niro and Packer are also planning to lease an additional 304 acres on the land next to the resort property.

It took two years for De Niro and Packer to receive the approval of Barbuda’s authorities to build the casino resort on the Caribbean island. Packer and De Niro’s Paradise Found Casino and resort is to offer 50 villas and cottages, six over-water villas, boat moorings, an airstrip and a casino.

The new resort will not greatly change the image of the island which has experienced the development of tourism but its beauty remains uncompromised, with small cottage-style lodging accomodations available on the land. Barbuda is still free of the huge resorts that are expected by many international visitors. Thus, Packer and De Niro’s Paradise Found Casino resort will need to meet the requirements of the locals and be completed in a way that Barbudans would find acceptable.

De Niro at a press conference, as reported by Forbes:

“I have been coming to Antigua and Barbuda since I was in my early twenties. You have to develop this property in a very concerted way and curate it . . . It’s about making it very, very special.”

The land-lease planned by De Niro and Packer is offered at a nice bargain as the 196-year lease will cost them around $6 million. Nevertheless, the property which is going to turn into a new casino resort is now in despair and according to the investors, the construction will cost them additional $250 million. Vacant since 2004, the K Club was once a cherished destination of Britain’s Princess Diana and a populad vacation spot. In order to avoid the similar fate, Packer and De Niro’s Paradise Found Casino resort will offer much more amenities. The most important attraction that is to attract more visitors is the casino. Antigua, a neighbouring region, is offering seven small casinos while Barbuda does not have aby land based gaming venues available to visitors right now.

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