World Match deals with R. Franco Group

World Match deals with Nazionale Elettronica

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The pioneer online gaming company providing premium gaming solutions to the most successful online casino operators since 2003, World Match deals with Nazionale Elettronica, the long-standing Italian supplier of land-based slot machines.

The two companies have recently signed an exclusive agreement which provides for the porting and launching onto the Italian online market 5 of the most popular titles of the Italian brand. Due to the fact that World Match deals with Nazionale Elettronica, such popular games as Platino, Il Pasticciere, Driver, Grande Joker, L’arca will be available online.

World Match deals with Nazionale Elettronica under the best circumstances as the above mentioned slots are already known and loved by many Italian players and it is sure that the release of their online version will make them even more popular. What is more, it will increase their performances on the gaming market.

Furthermore, the technological knowledge of World Match will confer great appeal to the online version of the games. The games will take the quality of the gameplay to the next level across any digital devices, both desktop and mobile.

World Match is going to develop the 5 Slots in HTML5 format. Most importantly, it is retaining all original features of the popular games  and even enhancing them, due to the use of the high definition graphics.

The games will also be optimized thanks to two different game interfaces. One game interface will be devoted to web and one to mobile devices. Each interface has been specifically designed, all to always provide the best performances for players.

WM Executive Director Andrea Boratto:

“We welcome this agreement that we find very stimulating because it allows us to work with top quality raw material, that is Nazionale Elettronica’s Slot Machines.

I’m sure that, thanks to the technological solutions we developed, we’ll be able to release the online version of the slots that provides the same thrill of the land-based slots and guarantees a seamless game experience across any digital device. Moreover, in this way we’ll meet the current huge demand for omni-channel gaming.”
Danilo Festa, General Manager of Nazionale Elettronica:

“We are eager and enthusiastic about our games being released to the Web and made known to a new audience of players. We truly believe that the synergy between our companies’ know-how is a key strength”.
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