Silverton Casino invites Pokemon Go

Silverton Casino invites Pokemon Go players to stop at their venue

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Las Vegas-based Silverton Casino invites Pokemon Go players and encourages them to visit the venue. Currently the casino has four Pokemon Go stops and two Pokemon Go gyms. Pokestops are places where players can collect tools inside the game and one of them can be found in the Mermaid’s bar in the Silverton. Thus, players who are at least 21 years old are invited to stay for a brew. What is more, Silverton Casino invites Pokemon Go players to benefit from a $2 draft at the casino. All they need to do to get it is to show the phone with Pokemon GO app to the bartender. This strategy will allow Silverton Casino to get advantage of the hot game that people are starting to play instead of using other popular apps like Snapchat and Instagram. Millions of people are using the game in the USA and many companies wish to cash in on the foot traffic.

Pokemon GO app takes the ’90s hit and encourages players to get up and walk around the neighbourhood to catch monsters that they can later use to fight other players. To collect monsters, players need to go to Pokestops which generate new monsters over time. Only a limited number of monsters can be collected at once. Due to this fact, the app forces players to move about their home city, getting more monster-prizes. The aim of the game was to help Americans become more active in their free time.

Kimiko Peterson of the Silverton Casino:

“What we’re actually seeing is a lot of adults are playing this and in a casino atmosphere it’s perfect. Here at Silverton Casino, we have four Pokémon stops and two gyms.”

“If you show your Pokémon Go phone to the bartender now through Sunday, you’ll get a $2 draft,”

“We have to act really quickly and so we want to do what’s best for everybody, so if everyone is excited about Pokémon Go, we want to be in the action as well.”

The casino wants to reach players similar to 25-years old Eduin Romero whom News3 in Las Vegas found playing Pokemon Go at Sunset Park.

Eduin Romero, Pokemon Go enthusiast:

“It’s crazy how much this is bringing people, you see anyone holding their phone, you know they’re playing Pokémon Go.”
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Source: News3