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Zitro introduced its transformation and growth plan

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Zitro introduced its transformation and growth plans during the annual Zitro Experience event which took place in the prestigious Lunario Hall of Mexico City’s National Auditorium. The unique event was full of surprises, and was attended by the most important industry figures from all over the country.

Johnny Ortiz, Zitro’s president, was very pleased with the outcomes of the event. He claims that “everyone who attended, with no exceptions, congratulated us on Zitro’s continuing ability to go one better, and said that they were amazed by our ability to create incredible products which will revolutionise, once again, the gaming industry”.

Zitro introduced its transformation and growth plan with the new value proposal which is based on four fundamental strategic pillars, presented by the company’s CEO, Sebastián Salat.

Zitro CEO, Sebastián Salat:

“this year we have presented our customers with the plan which will transform Zitro from the leading provider of video bingo machines for traditional casinos into a global leader in the gaming industry, with a diversified offer of products and services for the traditional, online and social environments”.

Zitro introduced its transformation and growth plan which offers four pillars on which Zitro’s new proposal is based. These pillars include the development of new traditional product lines, above and beyond video bingo, the offer of new business models, the greater appearance of Zitro content in online casinos, and a growing offer of Zitro entertainment on the social networks.

New promotional systems and video bingo games

While Zitro introduced its transformation and growth plan it also revealed that the company continues to place a great stake on the value thanks to which the company became the world leader in Video Bingo: the creation of new and innovative games. Zitro’s goal is maintained with the new launches for this year it has just announced. The company unveiled the launch of up to 20 new top-level titles which are to bring fun and prizes to all gaming rooms.

Zitro also showed its collection of promotional systems under the Big Time brand, which includes up to four different systems called Big Hour, Crazy Jerrypot, Mega Air Cash and Super Botín. These systems give operators a chance to configure promotions for the dates and time slots which suit them best.

New video rollers product line

During the event, Zitro introduced the imminent launch of its first generation of video roller machines and its first PICK & WIN multi game. The company’s new product met the same high standards in quality and innovation which characterise Zitro. This new line of PICK & WIN multi game machines will give Zitro access to markets for which it has had no suitable product up till now and, consequently, a more than significant increase in the company’s growth possibilities.

Online and social media

Zitro is using new distribution channels, offering its popular games to the world’s most prestigious online casinos, to appear on new markets. During Zitro Experience the company announced the launch of Zitro games to the Caliente company’s online casino.

When it comes to social gaming, Zitro has the most powerful tool to bring it close to players: World of Bingo. World of Bingo is an extremely popular social casino in video bingo game, available on Facebook. The product has recently incorporated new games such as Loteria Mexicana, and which is now available to customers in traditional casinos to improve their gaming experience.

What is more, Zitro also showed its new service called Zitro Partnership Program, which mixes up elements of the Big Time promotions systems with attracting new customers on the social networks to invite them to visit the casinos. In this area, the experience gained by Zitro during the years of its operation is a major boon. The service involves close cooperation with customers to create moments of great excitement in the casino and bring new customers into Mexican halls.

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