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New Finland’s gambling operator Veikkaus

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Brand new Finland’s gambling operator Veikkaus will start offering its services early in 2017.  The operator will have a new logo and a completely new brand.

The government of Finland decided last year to merge its three state-owned gambling operators into one organisation regulating, monitoring and operating all kinds of gambling activities in the country.

The new Finland’s gambling operator Veikkaus will replace Raha-automaattiyhdistys, (RAY), which was responsible for casinos, Veikkaus Oy that oversaw the national lottery and local betting and Fintoto Oy which operated pari-mutuel betting.

Finland’s gambling operator Veikkaus was created to strengthen the Finnish gambling monopoly by creating a single, state-owned company that would operate gambling in the country. Before the launch of a new regulatory body, the gambling operators, beneficiaries and authorities signed up a memorandum of understanding for the implementation of the merger. Firstly, the temporary integration company will be set up to prepare the merger. The board of directors of the company will contain six members. The government will appoint the chair and two members of the board and all gambling operators will appoint one board member.

CEO Juha Koponen:

“We think that establishing a new gambling operator is a rational reform. The decision to merge provides an explicit ground for ensuring the efficiency and competitiveness of the Finnish gambling system. We consider this important in order that we can offer the best possible customer service and prevent the harms of gambling efficiently. We are ready for the change and hope that it is implemented as quickly as possible.

“When we merge, it is essential that we can continue to offer our customers Finnish games that are increasingly attractive, while improving our service. The new gambling operator and the reformed legislation should lead to improved customer experiences especially on the Internet, which the current three-operator model has not actually been designed for.”
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