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Australian Canberra Casino opened last week!

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Canberra Casino opened last Friday after a $14 million investment which aimed at attracting international gaming public.

Casino owner, Aquis Entertainment and Cox Architecture organised an official opening party last Thursday. The party was attended by over 600 guests and the proceeds were donated to Lifeline Canberra and the Ricky Stuart Foundation.

Canberra casino will reopen to the public on Friday after a $14 million refurbishment aimed at drawing international gamblers to Canberra.

On Thursday night, casino owner Aquis Entertainment and Cox Architecture firm hosted an opening party for more than 600 guests, with proceeds donated to Lifeline Canberra and the Ricky Stuart Foundation.
Rhiannon Bach, Canberra casino manager noted that the refurbishment would surprise many guests.

Rhiannon Bach, Canberra casino manager:

“Quite frankly, this casino is unrecognisable from what it used to. I will be blunt, when I came to this casino from Macau I thought to myself this is the worst casino I have ever seen in my life. But it has potential and the opportunity to do this refurbishment was a chance to create space worthy of the nation’s capital.”

“There is a great opportunity with international flights from Singapore and that will draw extra people to the casino besides locals.”

After Canberra Casino opened last week, Hong-Kong based Aquis Entertainment believes the resort would attract an extra 750,000 visitors a year, also high-end Chinese players.

The casino will be able to offer poker machines at the facility, as the ACT government agreed for it in early May. The move effectively breaks clubs’ stranglehold on machines.

The fact that Canberra Casino opened with poker machines has angered Canberra clubs who have counted on gambling earnings to stay afloat.

The Canberra Vikings Group has already released an ambitious development plan in Canberra’s south as profits there are falling dramatically and poker machines planned for Canberra casino.

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