Klasselotteriet launches new lottery game

Klasselotteriet launches new lottery game in Denmark

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The Danish Class Lottery – Klasselotteriet launches new lottery game for the first time since 1753.

Founded in 1753, Klasselotteriet was the first lottery ever in Denmark and it has not added any new games for 263 years. This year, however, Danish players will be more than happy to hear that Klasselotteriet launches new lottery game: Nabolotteriet.

Nabolotteriet is the first Danish game in which social media are integrated with the product and play important role in the gameplay. The name of the game can be translated as “The Neighbour Lottery”. During the draws neighbours win together to form happy and lucky communities all over the country.

The new product is an edition of the original Nabor game concept which was created by Swedish game provider Genera Networks and is a patent pending lottery format.

Maria Sandell, CEO of Genera Networks:

“Nabolotteriet will be the third live version of Nabor in the Nordics and we have two more lotteries signed for this year. this makes Nabor the lottery format sold to the most countries ever.”

Nabolotteriet will be launched in Denmark later in 2016, and it is expected to stir up the already competitive Danish market.

Elisabeth Rask Jørgensen, CEO of the Danish Klasselotteriet:

“We are, without doubt, delighted to once again make history in the Danish market, and we are proud to announce this brand new game based on modern technology”

The rules of the Nabor game are very easy. Players participate with their home address. One ticket wins the main prize and other prizes are given based on the geographic proximity to the main winner. While enjoying the game, players can feel part of the community and many happy stories are shared over social media.

DANSKE KLASSELOTTERIET A/S is the oldest lottery in Denmark and one of the oldest lotteries in the world. It was created by King Frederik the fifth in 1753. In 1992 the company was turned into a 100% state owned limited company.

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