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World Match partnered with Dalla Pria Entertainment Group

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The online gaming company bringing premium gaming solutions to the most successful online casino operators, World Match partnered with Dalla Pria Entertainment Group via the agreement inked with its subsidiary company, Games Farm, aimed to the exclusive distribution of their most popular Video Slot cabinets in the online market.

Leading arcade video games and amusement games provider on the Italian market since 1954, Dalla Pria Entertainment Group, is now planning to enrich its offering with the new online versions of its Slot Machines. Due to the fact that World Match partnered with Dalla Pria Entertainment Group, their slot machines are soon going to be released to World Match’s customers.

Besides providing an in-depth know-how of the online gaming industry field, World Match boasts all the biggest IT operators as its customers and delivers a great market penetration in many other European countries.
The first series of games that is going to be launched includes many Slots branded Games Farm, the software division of the Italian Group. The slots will be shortly followed by many other titles, thanks to the deal between the two companies and World Match’s high production capacity.

Andrea Boratto, Executive Director of World Match:

“The partnership with Dalla Pria Entertainment Group gives us the opportunity to offer to our customers a new bouquet of game titles that already enjoyed great success on the land-based market. This is indeed part of a broader business strategy, since we believe that the synergy between online and land-based is essential and functional to the development of the business in the gaming field. This is the reason why we’re going to increase our commercial agreements with the operators of the land-based markets”

Claudio Dalla Pria, President of Games Farm:

“We are very pleased with the agreement with World Match, which we appreciate for the professionalism, know-how and penetration in the Italian and international online markets and we strongly believe also in the convergence between online and land-based markets. It’s to this end that we’re developing all our new games and, in order to have new AWPs with the same quality of online games, we’ll soon have at our disposal a new and very performing hardware, suitable for remote AWPs”
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