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IGT and Michigan Lottery’s contract extension

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International Game Technology announced IGT and  Michigan Lottery’s contract extension after its subsidiary, IGT Global Solutions Corporation, has signed a four-year contract extension with the Michigan Lottery. Under the IGT and  Michigan Lottery’s contract extension, IGT will continue to provide lottery technology and services through January 19, 2021. The Michigan Lottery and IGT  have been cooperating since 1988.

Michael Chambrello, IGT CEO, North America Lottery:

“IGT is committed to providing products and services for sustainable lottery growth. To that end, we will continue to work closely with the Michigan Lottery to provide added convenience to its players and retailers through additional self-service lottery vending products and the use of evolving technology.”

Under the terms of the IGT and  Michigan Lottery’s contract extension, IGT will supply the Lottery with more self-service lottery vending machines, together with upgrades to the Internal Control System hardware and connected operating system and application software that interfaces with the IGT-provided lottery central system.

What is more, the Lottery will get IGT’s ES Anywhere which delivers secure, reliable, and high performance APIs (Application Programming Interface) to customer software, including mobile apps and web browsers. The APIs work on all delivery channels, so that lotteries using ESA get maximum reusability and faster time to market when including new channels.  ESA will also enable other increased functionality like third-party integration and remote functions enabling lottery players to scan, check, and validate lottery tickets via the Internet and with the use of mobile devices, as well as claim retail prizes on the Internet and through mobile devices.

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During the extension period, IGT will be offering its ongoing services including the maintenance of the Michigan Lottery’s central system, 11,000 Altura® terminals, and communications network; field services; retailer training; marketing support, call center support services; and instant-ticket warehousing and distribution.  IGT will also operate its in-state primary data center in Lansing, and maintain its backup data center in Austin, Texas.

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