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Alfastreet at ICE 2016

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Brand new electronic roulettes and other attractive products will be exhibited at the stand of Alfastreet at ICE 2016 that will take place on February 2-4 in London.

Alfastreet is preparing for the forthcoming ICE show and does its best to push the bar even higher than last year. Visitors to the stand of Alfastreet at ICE 2016 will get a chance to see the premiere of the definite version of the Alfastreet slot machine, next great variation of Alfastreet Royal Derby, the thing that is sure to bring players’ nostalgic thoughts.

Alfastreet has established very good relations and partnership with its clients and business experts who greatly contributed to the quality of produced devices. In order to design new devices one should be aware of the operators, their needs and expectations. Alfastreet is proud of having a deep insight into the secrets of gaming industry, knowing all the things that are connected with such venture, from mathematical and physical models to technological expertise. The customers helped Alfastreet gain this aims. The company is sure that their new offering will steal the show at ICE 2016 and will be soon copied by competitors,as it usually happens with their best ideas. Alfastreet ensures customers that its new product will offer flawless ergonomics, intuitive software that will definitely provide players with genuine spirit of the game.

Alfastreet continues to strengthen its position on the market with the creation of high profile multi player electronic gaming devices. Alfastreet products include Automated electronic Roulette, Alfastreet Royal Derby Mathematical Horse Riding and Alfastreet Slot Machine in different variations and configurations. Alfastreet products provide players with top quality, technological advancement and careful design. The company is known for flexibility of services, innovation and customer orientation which assures strong players’ profitability, all to help the company to maintain its leading market position.

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