Oritz Gaming announces huge launch

Oritz Gaming’s new offering revealed

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Oritz Gaming’s new offering has been unveiled during G2E 2015 in Las Vegas this week.

With the launch of Oritz Gaming’s new offering, the multi-national company is solidifying its position of a global leader.

Oritz Gaming’s new offering includes new game types, cabinets, systems and a diversity of options for any gaming platform. Thanks to the new expanded product lines Oritz Gaming is showing versatility to supply end-to-end gaming solutions in the constantly changing market.

The interactive division of Oritz Gaming, Oritz Interactive, was a featured sponsor of the iGaming sessions that took place during the G2E events on Monday. Oritz Gaming and Oritz Interactive have they own booths at the show.

Maurilio Silva, Ortiz Gaming President:

“We have two show stopping booths. Each booth is a reflection of the technology, attention to detail, and excellence Ortiz Gaming is known for.”

Oritz Gaming’s new offering commercials and huge kiosks are placed in the seminar hall, showing the global reach of the company in the industry.

Ortiz Gaming’s booth 3267, and Ortiz Interactive’s 3867 is sure to be a must see. Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2015 tradeshow in Las Vegas opened its doors on September 30th. The G2E opens its doors to thousands of operators, manufacturers, suppliers and top-executives from all over the world.

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