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Zitro BIG BANG to set off in Mexico

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The annual event held by Zitro in Mexico for bringing together the entire gaming sector will be the ideal setting for the worldwide launch of its latest novelty: Zitro BIG BANG.

Those invited to the “2015 Zitro Experience” on 10 June will witness the presentation of the latest creation by the gaming sector’s most innovative factory of ideas. They will step into a new dimension of prizes which have never been seen before, accompanied by a universe of TEN new games and endless new prizes.

Gamers will enjoy all-new sensations and unique and unforgettable experiences, immersed in the intergalactic prizes of the new Zitro BIG BANG.

There will be a before and after in the history of video bingo games: Zitro BIG BANG, the creation of a new universe.A little bit sample of what is yet to come in the following video.


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