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DRGT brings KONAMI cabinets to Northern Cyprus casinos

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DRGT – the European distributor for Konami cabinets in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Northern Cyprus and Malta – is very pleased to report yet another success on behalf of Konami in Europe – this time at MERIT CASINOS in Northern Cyprus.

Cyprus is an extremely popular holiday resort and MERIT CASINOS is the illustrious name for exquisite gaming pleasure in northern part of this island. Konami cabinets are making waves in European gaming and the team at DRGT is proud to support this international growth in a host of European countries. And now Konami cabinets can be found in Northern Cyprus. MERIT CASINOS has already placed the Konami slots in two of its casinos – namely MERIT CRYSTAL COVE and MERIT ROYAL.

Both of these casinos now offer the Konami cabinets SeleXion™ to their customers. The brilliantly designed SeleXion™ boasts a whole range of feature. Players can choose from up to 8 games. Flexibility and convenience are guaranteed with the instantaneous game selection, denomination and language options. Each game from differing themes can be easily selected with the easy-to-use LCD screen. The multi-denomination choice (up to three per game) is ideally supported through the dynamic button panel. The button panel automatically adjusts to the bet configuration.

Mr. Nuh Yondem, Slots Director at MERIT CASINOS:

“The Konami SeleXion™ slot machines have been very well received by our customers. They have a distinctive look and the game selection is strong. Our customers appreciate the speed of the game change and how simple the SeleXion™ adjusts to a different play denomination choice. We currently have the Konami slots placed in two of our casinos and we see opportunities to expand upon this.”

Mr. Joost van Egeraat, Sales Director for DRGT, has played a key role in bringing Konami to Northern Cyprus. He explains:

“MERIT CASINOS is a major address for casino entertainment in Northern Cyprus. I would like to thank Mr. Yondem and his team for their support in enabling players here to get to know Konami. The results have been clearly favourable and we are proud that the SeleXion™ slots are now already on offer in two separate MERIT casinos.”

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