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ICE 2015: Interview with Thomas Engstberger, Amatic Industries

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CasinoNews.Today is proud to show you this exclusive interview with Thomas Engstberger, Sales Manager at Amatic Industries. He spoke about his company’s innovative products and solutions, plans for the future and the ICE show itself.

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Interview with Thomas Engstberger, Sales Manager, Amatic Industries

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Thomas Engstberger, Sales Manager, Amatic Industries

How would you describe your experience at ICE Totally Gaming 2015?

For AMATIC Industries it was extremely successful, very exciting. The booth has been full from the beginning until the end.

What can you tell us about the products you are presenting during the show?

I see it as AMATIC is here a trend-setter. Last year we have introduced the Performer with the curved screens, and here you can see those very stylish machines. AMATIC provides very high quality, security, flair and excellent games. And also you can see very stylish, single wheel and double wheel roulettes, fully automatic, terminals online, mobile. These are exciting time for AMATIC.

What do you expect to gain by participating in ICE 2015?

ICE is a must. The show is reaching out to the international gaming industry. It is where everybody meets. AMATIC Industries is from Austria, a small country where the export rate is in a high nineties. AMATIC was based on export from the day one, so this is place to be.

You offer a variety of High Tech Casino Cabinets, Multiplayer Systems, Video Lottery Terminals, Jackpot- and Casino Management Systems as well as Remote Gaming solutions. What makes your products and solutions stand out from the crowd?

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Good question. AMATIC stands out from the crowd in particular ways. I think, as I mentioned before, the combination of security, quality, intelligent games, some really great fruit games, the flair as well. It is the combination. So AMATIC machines stand out in the crowd. You can tell by the look of our booth that our products really stand out from the others in different venues and locations.

What can you tell us about your mobile and online solutions?

It’s growing. It is not a secret that the company was founded 20 years ago and it was not founded for the online and mobile market – that’s something that came up couple of years ago. So a lot of things are happening here on online/mobile, we also have a bitcoin solutions for playing. So you can see we are going with the times and reaching out to those players.

What are your hopes, plans and goals for 2015?

AMATIC Industries has lots of solutions for lots of different markets, for example the Spanish or German markets. As you can see AMATIC doesn’t do things by halves, we do it for 100%, fully. We hope for further growth, opportunities in the markets we’re active in – UK or Ireland for example. There are lots of new solutions, new cabinets, plenty of regions where AMATIC Industries and its companies have been working in over 20 years. We are a very solid company and have a high level of trust, high level of stability. When people start working with us, they want to carry on working with us.

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